“The Apprentice Witch” Book Trailer

Book Trailer

“The Apprentice Witch” Book Trailer

Concept, design and animation work for a Scholastic book trailer.

In the trailer for this middle-grade novel, we wanted to tell a dramatic story while keeping it feeling young enough for ages 8-12. We also wanted to hilight the magic glyph artwork from the book and tie in with the colors from the website and book cover.

We hit on a “snowglobe” concept of framing everything inside the magic potion bottle from the cover, using a nice round vignette at the edges and an overlay of floating particles. Our main character was created in 3D in Adobe Fuse and animated with Mixamo motion capture resources, giving some realistic movement to a stylized piece.

We really enjoyed letting loose with dynamic particles creating all the magical effects in C4D and After Effects.