VCORE Solutions fourDscape


VCORE Solutions fourDscape

Concept, design, and animation work for a VCORE Solutions promo video.

In this video for VCORE’s fourDscape IoT and surveillance software platform, we wanted a high-tech look that shows off their cutting-edge technology.

Using the theme of “the hyper-connected world,” we take the viewer inside a technology-driven planet, through a city of connected devices, and all the way into the software platform that ties it all together. Our different examples show the flexibility and adaptability of fourDscape to a wide variety of applications and situations.

Our main tool in creating this project was Rowbyte’s Plexus plugin for After Effects. Models from Cinema4D were rendered with Plexus and integrated with Trapcode Form objects in AE. Particle effects using X-particles for C4D enhanced certain scenes as well.