“Horizon” Book Trailer

Book Trailer

“Horizon” Book Trailer

Concept, design and animation work for a Scholastic book trailer.

The book trailer for the middle-grade thriller “Horizon” was our most ambitious trailer yet. Taking inspiration from the cover design artwork, our video needed to feature the diverse cast of kids from their artwork, a malevolent jungle, and a technological “heat map” overlay, in an exciting cinematic edit.

For such a character animation heavy project, we used Adobe’s Fuse to create 3D models that represented each character photo as closely as we could, and worked with mocap from Mixamo for the action. This worked very well and was a huge time saver. Xfrog tree and plant models filled out the jungle, with most of the work in Cinema 4D and a bit of post-treatment for the heat map overlays in After Effects.

We were really pleased with the amount of action we were able to pack into 30 seconds, and aspire to raise the bar on future book trailers.