“I Survived” Book Trailers

Book Trailer

“I Survived” Book Trailers

Concept, design and animation work for two Scholastic book trailers.

The Attack of the Grizzlies, 1967

We were lucky to have great black and white interior art from the book to use for this trailer. We chose to use a 2.5D animation style that didn’t overly distort the artwork.

For the few scenes we needed to create, we made a 3D bear in Cinema 4D, and used a drone video for the ending that we treated in a painted style. As the book is set in 1967, we gave the whole trailer a retro color treatment with dust and scratches that enhanced the historical feel.

Author video promo

For this trailer we had scripted author footage on green screen to work with, so we were able to incorporate some nice backgrounds from the books. We had a whole series of book art to choose from, so we chose to use mainly the covers at the start, with dramatic weather effects and backgrounds. For the second half we used black and white interior art from the various books to support the voiceover.