RETN Television Titles


RETN Television Titles


Concept, design and animation work for three show opens for the Vermont’s RETN.

RETN (Regional Educational Television Network), a Vermont educational cable channel, asked us to create new openings to two of their flagship shows: Catalyst, “a program about people, ideas, issues and the conversations around them,” and Student Workzone, which “showcases the accomplishments and projects of students living in Vermont’s Champlain Valley.” Our challenge was to create a short but engaging intro which represents all the different topics each show might cover.

For Catalyst, we used the idea of a video wall which encompasses the people, places and ideas of Vermont, as well as segments from other Catalyst episodes. The text is a nod to the work of R/Greenberg Associates, and also a lens through which we view the video elements.

Student Workzone received a different variation on the video grid idea, a more youthful and animated approach this time. We used silhouette characters and the RETN colors to show that students were both the subjects and creators of the Student Workzone content. We also included many topics that the showcased projects might cover: from arts and sports, to science and technology.

The CSWD intro was commissioned by the Chittenden Solid Waste District for their new series of videos on sustainable concepts like recycling, composting, and reducing waste. We used the newly adopted universal symbols as well as the “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Reimagine” to create an opening sequence that encompasses any related topics.