“The Path of No Resistance” Book Trailer

Book Trailer

“The Path of No Resistance” Book Trailer


Concept, design and animation for a non-fiction book trailer.

The Path of No Resistance book trailer was an interesting departure from the young adult action and fantasy novels we often work with. As this book is nonfiction, psychological and for an adult audience, we had to get creative to distill down the ideas from the book into a simple visual without revealing too much.

Working directly with the author, we chose the idea of a character walking a literal path and what happens inside his head during his journey. Though the video starts out looking deceptively simple and 2D, we used a 3D character to get more flexibility in camera moves.

This becomes apparent in the second half as we reveal the richness of the 3D world when he gets on the path. Cinema 4D’s Mograph was used to make the random clouds above his head, and Trapcode Particular to make the sparkly light inside his mind (using Cineware to combine the After Effects and 3D elements).

It was a fun challenge to create a unique entrance into the world of the book.